Thursday, August 20, 2009

I can't [& don't want to] be everybody's friend!

I do not understand why people who watch my videos sometimes have the feeling to then know every aspect of my life.I don't do that with people I watch on Youtube,or even real celebrities. I just watch their shit & keep it pushing.I don't care what you do when you aren't in front of a camera making me laugh..or cum..or whatever I am watching you for. (LOL)

Yet many of my "fans" or "followers" or "supporters" or whatever you want to call them,act like my life is so UBER fascinating and they most know every detail about it.

Um,nosey much? I know that the "life of a celeb" is that people will do stuff like that & I can understand that to a degree. But everything aint for everybody! It's not even that they are asking about my life as much as many of them just want to be my new bff. Which is weird.

Or they want to get to know me in the sense of "seeing how I really am beyond my videos. & As lovely as that is,again I reiterate,that is not for everyone.

Something a lot of people do not know is that my internet persona (Youtube,Facebook,Twitter,etc) is not really how I am.Of course I am like that to a degree,that is a part of me,but I am not like that all the time....that would be HIGHLY exhausting for me as well as those around me.

Many people who have met me after watching me seem surprised (and often disappointed) at how tame,mild,quiet,etc I can be in person compared to videos.

Who the hell has the energy or interest for that matter in going around "wrecking shop" & cussing people out all the time? That's kind of annoying.

I just keep up this "E-Baller" mentality for entertainment purposes. My "fans" watch & follow me because that is what they like about me. Just like people like (and hate) Mark Anthony because he is all nice & crap. Also like him,the same thing many love about me is also what many hate.

Now I could just be regular ole plain me all the time.But who wants that? I have an image to uphold.I do not want to become known for being nice,thats no fun! lol...unless you are the Pope...and those Hats would fuck up my hair.

I always have a wall up when it comes to people online...which is odd,because in person I am very friendly & don't mind letting people get to know me.But I figure being bitchy & crude will keep people form trying to get too close & talk to me (weird I know) Infact I was talked to two diff ppl I know off youtube the other day & for the first time in each instant I let them see my serious/caring/helpful w/e u wanna call it side & they both seemed freaked out lol,but also revealed to know I am not always cuntilicious & a hot mess...they shud also feel special and they better not tell anyone my secret cus il denial!! (as i blog about it)

But online, I MAY let you in a little,but chances are,despite what I may divulge, hav eno chances of infiltrating into what really makes me,me.

Which is sad to a degree because many people (even some I talk to regularly) only know me for the wretched cunt who makes jokes about the holocaust & mocks Michael Jackson & not for the "other" person I can be.

But as I said earlier,everything is not for everyone.

I cannot be nice to everyone because people take advantage of that.Now maybe I am being paranoid,but I see plenty of people who want to be everyone's best friend always with a kind word & a shoulder to cry on & they end up being shatted on (not shit,but shat).

Also,many people are fake,especially online,& I suppose by saying I am not really this angry/out of control,I can be put into that fake category as well.

Now once I have gotten to know you & think you are worthy,you MIGHT get the honor of getting to know me for more than my internet self.(now for those reading & wondering if you are the lucky few,let me make it easier lol...i always tell the person in one way or another they have this honor,so if i havent told you,then you havent.) haha

Maybe I am paranoid or putting too much into it.But I am not trying to befriend a bunch of random people offline.I could see if this is how i treated everyone,but this only applies to online people,more specifically those who know me as BarrettTV.

If you meet me in the real world,you surpass all of this.But people already form in their head what they want to once they have viewed a video,pictures,blogs,etc.

Maybe the web is my outlet for my devilish side..idk..but despite me flying across the country to meet people off of youtube & meeting friends from Facebook or even dating people from BGC,I think looking for friends online is fuckin weird. & People who do it are weirdos.

I am not one of those people *cough claxton...cough dari* who made Youtube accounts because I had no friends or wanted to make new ones.

I made one for shits & giggles,I never thought I'd get popular & I never thought I'd meet anyone off of there.

Like Judge Cristina said,BarrettTV is a part of me,but it isn't all of me & people need to understand that!

Do you think I really give a shit about DannacaLynn? Hell No! I just wanted views! Yes my opinions were real,but I was not that mad about it,it was dramatic effect,I am an actor lol...I always "wreck shop" cus people like that,now yes I am really feeling feisty & in the moment,but really..deep down..i dont give a fuck lmao...just like when I curse people out on twitter..i may be TYPING IN CAPS...but in reality I am chillin like a villain.

Thats why I get so mad when people judge me because thats not "Exactly" me,dont tweet me cus you are mad i made a rape joke talking about that aint funny..cus there are 10 people following me who just retweeted me talkin bout sum "LOL"

I could sit here and name 10 people who try to "befriend" me online,knowing they are shady as fuck. & yeh I might play along & talk to them (maybe making me just as shady),but I know we aren't & wont be real friends.....unfortunately for them

Because it is my real friends who get to see me as the Cunt AND Great person I am (getcha best of both worlds on?)

Maybe that is how I can do & say some of the awful things I do & not feel that bad lol,because I know I am not always like that,and in my down time from doing evil I can also do good.

Now I am not saying I am an Angel Offline,because I can be an asshole in person too,but it is not as often as online & only done when needed.

My real friends can attest to that,I mean if I was that bad I dont think Id have friends...unless they were just as bad as me,which I would not like either.

But if you ever got the honor of being considered my real friend you can look forward to such luxuries as being able to call me all kinds of crazy ass hours (and if I am awake lol) I will listen to your 5000 problems & give you some GOOD ASS advice to go with it.

Or call me and ask me to rush over without any further explanation other than "I really need to talk to you",or maybe just have me there for you when you need me,cheering you up when you are down (awkwardly) "attempting to comfort you when you are crying or having your back RIDE OR DIE STYLE & talkin shit with you about those who wrong you & having 101 ways to seek horrid revenge!!

BUT...thats not for everyone lol..but some do get some of the perks without the work...but the package deal is much better,unfortunately even people I meet in person often end up assholes who dont get to keep the title of friend very long,but hey,their loss too!

Cus online,offline..either way I think I am the shit,the pee,the vomit,the cum,the puss (ok im dtm)...and i love me! fuck everyone else,especially people in the computer who dont even know me!

[damn i type a lot,but as you can tell when it comes to "shitty friends" & "annoying ass youtube people" i can talk for days,so expect a lot of blogs about that...oh and smegma of course"]


  1. Interesting post Barrett.

    Favorite quote from the ENTIRE thing.

    "just watch their shit & keep it pushing.I don't care what you do when you aren't in front of a camera making me laugh..or cum.."

    You sir are an educator, and the Illinois school system would be lucky to have you.

  2. hmmm... of course a lot of us have already heard this story before (tee hee ^_^)... but I must say it doesn't get old.

    The ppl that love you... love your shenanigans... and even when they don't... they still accept it for what it is. Cause it's you... and who the hell are they to try and change it? You ain't no damn puppet... they ain't got their hand up your back... (or do they? mmmmm)

    Ppl complain about every damn thing... even shit that they do like... so they can drink a gallon of acid.

    and yes BRING ON THE SMEGMA!!!

  3. Well Im glad that I knew you prior to knowing about your youtube. But dont pretend like youre not a cool guy.

    I also dont understand the people that try to e-analyze you. They try to tell me all the time that you really are that mean OR that you are the complete opposite etc.

    I dont know why people cant just accept you for who you are and call it a day.

    I also dont understand why people wanna be your bestfriend. YOURE EFFING EVIL! LMAO

    Anyways good thesis.. I mean blog...

  4. So I really want to comment this but I don't want my comment to turn into an essay so I'll try not to make it too long. Well, personally I never thought you were a complete 100% asshole even tho some may say that's you're e-persona. I actually think you're nice, well at least to me anyways lol. And as far as people trying to analyze you - they are always going to do that - it happens to me all the time. No matter how nice or mean you are, there will always be someone hanging from your nuts trying to analyze you and tell you about yourself. I wouldn't pay them any attention let alone give them the time of day because the people who know and love you for who you are are the only ones that matter :D