Saturday, August 29, 2009

Don't Jurdge!

i love how i am always harping about how people who don't know me need to not judge me,blah blah...

Yet I do it to people..

Hypocrisy mayhem? getcha --i shud take my own advice sometimes?

So there is someone who is on youtube,but i didn't really know them from there...they are on BGC as well..and have a website ive been to,& i saw them on twitter.

Well just judging from pictures alone I thought they were this big rude conceited cunty bitch (and not the good kind)....u kno..ur typical catty queen...

so i wandered into their tinychat (under an assumed named & without gettin on cam)...out of fear of getting attacked lmao

i eventually was lured onto my cam after some coaxing & we started chatting it up

& they are actually nice ,dare i use the term "sweetie pie" ?...wat a shock...u really shudnt judge..or "jurdge" a book by it's cover..yet i tend to do that a lot many people..especially gay men...who look a certain way..usually act a certain i often assume that to be the case for everyone..which i mayhem?..getcha stereotypes on?

well shame shame on me

but now I know...& i can commence stalking & forcing them to be my bff

...its good to know that not all glamorous & fabulous people think they shit dont stink & everyone is beneath them...i glamorous & fabulous...& i dont think that! ;-)


  1. Hmmmm... Interesting.

    Next time you talk about someone, I'm going to bring this post back to your remembrance.

  2. I do the same thing! just not as much.. You do find a few (very few) glam and fab people who are really down to earth, aren't you lucky? Yeah, just work on your judging..Looking forward to more posts so I can comment.:)