Saturday, August 22, 2009


I need to learn to let go of bitterness.If someone does something I don't like I go on & on about it for years!

I don't sit up throwing darts at pictures of their face or let my hate consume my life. However it is constant & long lasting & if anyone mentions their name I always respond, "that bitch".

Yeh that is not very Christ-like. At least I no longer feel the need to seek horrible revenge on everyone who wrongs me because "vengeance is mine said that Lord",although as I told my friend Leslie,"Can't God at least tell me when he is gon do it so I can watch?". But I guess it doesn't work like that.

Anyway,it is not good to let someone have that kind of control over your emotions,the energy put into negativity can be used towards something positive,like fapping.

Nothing good can come of negative vibes,Karm is one bad bitch & she will do her job.

Because chances are,the people you are so hell bent on hating 24/7 aint thinkin a damn thing about YOU,so "how you doin today?"


  1. Yeah I agree there's no need to put so much energy into responding to every negative thing someone says - just hit the block button and keep it moving because once you started feeding into their negative vibes - they win.

  2. p.s. . .wat the hell is goin on in that picture? wat is that madness? is that a toilet on the ground? Someone needs to take your webcam away from you. . .lol

  3. hmmm... i'm still tryin to figure out WTF is that in that pic... all i see is someone takin a glorious squat over something as you get your sick kicks lookin at it... lol

    But yes... let go and move on. But you don't like nice things anyway.

  4. that is iquo (masqueradediva3) we wer eon skype and she was demonstrating how u use a chinese toilet aka squatty potty...she was in her apartment in china

  5. okay. Thanks Iquo! That explains a lot.

  6. Hmmmm good thing this isn't about me. lol