Thursday, August 20, 2009

Getcha Blog On!


I have finally succumbed to the pressures of the internet and started a blog.besides,atleast this way no one can make one of these claiming to be me & uploading all kinds of nonsense!

I used to write a lot on Facebook...but i have deleted so many people that no one would see it!

I dont mean to toot my horn,but as my friend Crystal would say "I live for your facebook notes".

I also used to write on myspace,but I barely go on there anymore.

I was afraid that no one would read it...but I guess whether or not anyone reads this,I will enjoy writing on it because writing is fun! LOL

Too bad I dont know how to do any fancy stuff like make banners or upload any unless someone wants to help,this will look pretty plain...but yeh i hope whoever reads this likes will probably be just as messy as I am on Youtube...Twitter...and everywhere else....



  1. Hiya Barrett!
    It's me Poetic Dreams ya latest stallker. lol Welcome to Blogland. I think ya gonna love it. Didya notice I'm ya first comment? lol Just wanted to letcha know I did appreciate ya making the Gluten Free video. Didya know that ya can follow the Founder on Twitter? I'm folowing him now. Hope ya have a rocking night.
    Big Hugs~ Poe

  2. this lady who i think is the CEO follows me & is the one who sent me that stuff!

    btw welcome & thanks for bein my first!

  3. Barrett has a blog? Let us pray!

  4. your blog sucks already, hope you fail misberbly........ get cha hate up

  5. hmmm.... ooo someone was big enough to hate anonymously

  6. Congratulations on your new blog. I will be glad to read your post. Your videos are amazing.