Sunday, August 23, 2009

Doin Too Much,Yet Not Quite Doin Enough

Too bad not that many people seem to read this,because I enjoy blogging again,takes me back to my days on Xanga! But Oh well,il write for my own good & the few that actually do read this.

I am tempted to go back to my old xanga from High School & read some of the entries (that was the spot back in the day).But I am afraid everything will be too cringe worthy to endure! lol


I just went to my xanga & I had not written on there in almost 2 years..woah!

( <--btdubbs

Anywho,I like writing,sadly I never do it.Infact I never do a lot of things I could,should & would be doing.

I feel like I am the epitome of DOING TOO MUCH

So much i want to do yet I feel like despite my over abundance of free time,I feel like I do not have time for it,on one hand life moves so slowly,but only because I have not progressed in many ways.I am pretty much the same place doing the same thing I have been for years.

At home & going to school,I feel like I will be in this loop forever.

Yet I also feel like time is moving so rapidly I cannot keep up.

A year ago Iquo was here & i was thinking it will be forever before she gets back & now after what seems like a blink of an eye,she is back.

This past year FLEW by,& i feel like I never got a chance to stop & get anything done.

I want to do so much yet do so little,I think I can attribute my poor memory & constant fatigue to this.Two things caused by celiac.

I feel like this is so crippling & I am wasting my life & will wake up one day an old man who got nothing done.

Even something simple like Youtube,while people may think my vids are divine,I hate them because I want to & KNOW I can do so much more,yet it never gets done,when I can muster the energy to do something,it seems like there never is any time to do it. & I hate that,especially in relation tot he rest of my life.

I just hope one day my body can catch up to my brain & i can do what I know what I am capable of.


  1. Well dangit if you can do better, DO BETTER!!!!!

  2. Nice post Barrett. I like it. Don't worry. That's life. It's all about about taking things step by step.