Sunday, August 23, 2009

"Anorexic, Four-Eyed, Fag"

If I was muscular,more masculine & always wore contacts,I wonder what people would mock,tease,taunt,harass, & make fun of me for? Aside from race,those seem to be people's main focal points.

My weight,apparent "femininity", & my glasses.

There must be much else since those are so repeated,or perhaps because they have such simplicity.

But because no matter what or how you are,there will always be people who criticize you,I just wonder,what else could people find.

Hm,knowing people today I would then be "too butch" & "too ripped".But there will always be someone who is not pleased,you cannot please everyone,therefore I please no one.


  1. That's how you gotta do it. No matter what you do, ppl are always going to find something about you that they don't like. Do you and keep steppin'.

  2. I have just discovered you (through your Big Brother videos) and I am thoroughly enjoying watching your other videos - I especially love the ones with you and your Grandma! You're awesome and I predict you will be a major star!